Monday, May 9, 2016

Entertaining Angels

I am so thankful for mothers all over the world... the ones I've been blessed to know and the ones I've never met before. Last Sunday night at church we remembered the mother of Jesus, Mary, and how an angel appeared to her and gave her a purpose. I walked out of church that night and made the statement, 'I sure wish an angel would appear to me and tell me exactly what I need to do sometimes!' 

My grandmother, Mamaw, told me the coolest story today. Last Sunday night she was sleeping so sound, and she woke up to a noise she couldn't even describe in words. She said it was loud, and at first, she thought it was something happening down the street, but then she realized whatever it was was in the room with her. It was 2:15 in the morning, and she looked up to see an angel that she knew without a shadow of a doubt was real and from the Lord. Of course my first response was 'And you weren't dreaming?' only to be answered with a gentle but firm 'No.' She said the angel's face was a little blurry, but she knew she was looking down at her and Mamaw was looking right back. She remembered details about her from the neck down that could only be told by someone who had seen her. Her wings were made of silver and she wanted to tell her to have a seat on the bed, but she couldn't say anything at all. In her words... 'After about a minute, she just vanished, and you couldn't tell which part of her left first. She left just as she came, and it definitely wasn't through the door.' She told me she can't describe how she felt. She was startled at first because she thought the angel had come to take her to heaven, but then she also felt peace. She never went back to sleep that night, and after checking on Papaw, she thought about that angel the entire day. 

Mamaw has always been so close to the Lord and has taught me so much about Him, and she told me she didn't know why the angel appeared to her if she didn't say anything. I said... 'Probably just to let you know angels are real.' She replied, 'Well, I already knew that.' 😂 

I love God's ways. He is mysterious and yet so kind to us. We will never know why some events happen here on earth but we will one day in heaven. I still haven't gotten my angel encounter, but my grandmother did that night, and that is just fine by me. 

When I think of angels, I think of protection, and I also think of mothers. 'A woman who fears the Lord is to be praised,' and I am so blessed to have been loved by my mother and grandmothers who have selflessly given and taught me the true meaning of love and how to listen for the voice of our Father who calls us to a life that's better than any dream.

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